Hi everybody:

I am new in the Forum.

I am working with Navision 5.0 on Ms SQL Server 2005, and we seem to be getting quite strange results from the Inventory Valuation report, in particular: sales / purchases of material & stock variation don’t seem to add up.

Furthermore, in order to produce one value of the Inventory Valuation report for a given date I may have to wait for up to half an hour.

I am thinking there is something wrong with our configuration or with our processes.

I know it has to do with [Value Entry] and [Item Ledger Entry] but no query on these 2 tables alone seem to reproduce the values of the Inventory Valuation report.
From the few things I have read on this site there are more tables & conditions involved.

In order to understand the mechanics of it & run checks, what I am interested in is:
the SQL query equivalent of the Inventory Valuation report.

Thanks in advance.

I agree. If we run the Inventory Valuation Report and put in last month’s date everytime we run it - it has a new figure. It’s like it’s using current inventory or current costs even though were using last month’s date.

I’m curious to see where this leads…

I will be careful here as this changes in the versions, but if you back date the inventory valuation this just causes you issues, it looks at the current inventory, irrelevant of the date, but will remove the value entries (I think) and therefore start to skew the make up of the report. This report is/was a real time report.

No idea of a SQL equivalent and to be honest I would not bother. I would run teh report and investigate the differences - there are lots and lots of reasons why the inventory valuation report can differ from the GL, and a SQL query would not go very far in helping you, in fact it is probably more likely to confuse you, however if you do get one do post it [:D]