Inventory valuation report 10139 VERY slow

When I run this report it takes approximately 30 minutes to generate a report. Is there something I can do to make this run faster? Or should I be using a different report?

I am running the report for about 150 items.

using NAv 6.0

Inv.Valuation has never been fast due to NAV architecture & design principles even in standard, but you refer to NA localised version of this report (Obj.# 10139 tells so), which may be even worse in performance.

However, 150 Items is a very small inventory, it should be faster - or you have a really HUGE transaction count in the period set for the report?

Unfortunately there can’t be done much, even SQL optimisation will not help to speed up the report. Years ago, I faced this same problem with one of my clients having ~150’000 items on stock and ~500 Invoices per day. It took 2 DAYS for Navision to complete the report! We then wrote a TSQL script (a Stored Procedure in fact) gathering the data and used Crystal Reports as front-end, then it took 20-30 seconds instead of 2 days…

Now there are more easy ways to accomplish the task - as SSRS or Analysis Services, but you will need a developer with good knowledge of both NAV table architecture and MSSQL reporting, if you decide to solve the issue “outside” NAV environment.

I have thought about trying to do it Jet Reports. Maybe I should take a crack at it.

Thanks for the input