Inventory Valuation and Inventory G/L Don't Match

We just completed a new 3.7 implementation from an older version of Navision. Our Inventory valuation is starting to stray from our inventory G/L totals. (This is after compensating for shipped/received not invoiced as detailed in the Reconcile Inventory to G/L report.) What is an acceptable amount of variance? I was happy with $50 in Jan. But I’m not happy about $1000 in Feb. I have not run the numbers for March yet. Other details: In Jan-04, G/L exceeded Inv. Valuation by approx $50. in Feb-04, G/L exceeds Inv. Valuation by over $1000. What is even more upsetting, is that I went back to day 1 (12/30/03) when we did our initial inventory import. The reports I print today asking for valuations and G/L balances for 12/30/03 show approximately $100 variance. (I have copies of when I ran these reports on 12/30/03 and they tied perfectly to the penny!!) We are using Average costing. We are using automatic cost posting. Our inventory on hand balance is approximately $2 million. Furthermore, our Purchase accounts and Direct Cost Applied Accounts (from General Posting Setup) are straying as well. Our NSC told us that these accounts should sum to zero (one will show a credit balance, the other will show an equal and offseting debit balance). They have strayed by about $50.

Hi Please cross check the Inventory valuation report and since you have upgraded from older version, 3.10 had a hot fix for this. I donot remember the hot fixno.