Inventory - Valuation\Aging\Turnover

Hi all,

  1. I would like to know how inventory valuation is treated for count adjustments, positive and negative ?

  2. Also Can AX generate cycle counting sheets automatically to ensure all items are counted within a specific period?

  3. Also how can we make sure that inventory parts are segregated into into A, B, C for cycle counting purposes?

  4. and How fast moving or high value will be counted more frequently?

  5. Do we have some sort of "Inventory Aging report " which will show aging of inventory items to determine whether we should provision against old inventory. This should use the date purchased?

  6. Same for Inventory turnover report which determines how quickly we turnover inventory. Also shows slow and fast moving inventory

I have not familiar at all on this area into AX so any advice or information will be helpful to start quickly. Thanks.