Inventory unit is empty on some item numbers

Something strange happened with some of our Item numbers, the inventory unit is empty. It should not be possible to set it to empty since inventory transactions exist on these items, and actually it isn’t possible because if we try to do that on an item there is an error. So we are really puzzled about how this could have happened.

I try to change back the inventory unit to its original value, still it is not allowing me. As inventory unit is blank and I have onhand inventory I can’t make sales and I can’t purchase.

Try to update inventory unit through Job on one item and check it. if ok then you can proceed with all items.




I will try and let you know.

The system will not allow you to change the inventory, if there are any transactions recorded for that item (or) if the item has the activated cost price. You may have to update it by skipping those validations. Either from the debugger or by writing a job. Take developer help to do that.

Can you post a picture of the error message to help?

On Product card there are three type of UOM

  1. inventory
  2. Sell
    If there is any transaction exits in the system, system not allow to change the inventory UOM of item, but system is allow to change the Purchase UOM and sales UOM.

but question is that, how it is possible, without defining the inventory UOM, system allow to do transaction. Please share the screen shot of Product card with error.


Thank you all. This is solved. Updated an inventory unit through Job as suggested by Sukesh.