Inventory transfers among companies in NAV


Anyone done a mod to allow for Inventory Transfers among companies, same as inventory transfers among locations?


The problem is that you run into problems with this approach.

The legal way to receive items is to buy or produce them, in the worst case to “find” them doing a physical inventory.

The only legal ways to get rid of items are selling or consuming them, “losing” them doing a physical inventory or doing a negative adjustment due to expiration date execeeded situation or similar.

Cost adjustment (which is being done automatically for transfers) would also not work across companies.

There is usually no legal way to cross-post intercompany stock directly without selling/purchasing.

Please explain what is the reason for this request?

A few locations under the same ownership but each one is a separate company. We also thought that one option is to do SO/PO between the companies, but thought someone may have a mod that can help, such as where one company creates the SO and it automatically creaets the PO for the other company.


Hi Ed,

I worked on a project some 6 years ago, where we had a similar situation.

They had several companies that served different geografical areas.
(Distribution of papers and stuff)

So if i wanted some paper-add distributed in all of Denmark, i called one of the companies and made an agreement with them.
I then had 1 invoice from the company i engaged with.

When that sales-invoice was posted, it automatically generated 1 or more “Intercompany invoices” (1 for each of the sister-companies needed to make the distribution), and also automatically generated purchase invoices in the first company.
“Intercompany Invoice” was a new entity we “invented” for the purpose, but was in essence just copies of header-, line-, dimension-, comment-tables (and maybe some more i don’t remember) that had the “DataPerCompany”-property set to No.
Finally they needed to introduce some procedure in the different companies, to make sure that all sale was generated.

I don’t know if this is the best way to do it, but in my opinion your solution shouldn’t be based on pushing data between companies, rather than pulling.