Dear Guys,

I am preparing a report on “Inward Inventory Transactions”, and I need to use a dialog named “WAREHOUSE”. But “InventTrans” table doesn’t have the field “WAREHOUSE”…Then how can we fetch the “Inward Transaction” ?

Dialog Fields : ToDate, FromDate, Warehouse

Fields In Report : ItemName, Qty, Date, ItemDimension

There will not be warehouse field in Inventtrans but combination of different dimensions do exist in inventdimid field, So just extract the inventlocationid(Warehouse) from inventdimid field in inventtrans. Ex: inventdim::find(“inventdimid”).inventlocationId // this gives you warehouse from inventdimid

Thanks for your reply sir… I wrote the following code , kindly suggest me / correct me if I am wrong:

Class Declaration :

public class ReportRun extends ObjectRun


TransDate FromDate;

TransDate ToDate;

InventLocationId Warehouse;

DialogField dlgFromDate;

DialogField dlgToDate;

DialogField dlgWarehouse;


Dialog :

public Object dialog(Object _dialog)


DialogRunbase dialog = _dialog;


dlgFromDate = dialog.addField(typeid(TransDate),‘FromDate’,’’);

dlgToDate = dialog.addField(typeid(TransDate),‘ToDate’,’’);

dlgWarehouse = dialog.addField(typeid(inventLocationId),‘Warehouse’);

return dialog;


GetFromDialog :

boolean getFromdialog()


boolean ret = true;


FromDate = dlgFromDate.value();

ToDate = dlgToDate.value();

Warehouse = dlgWarehouse.value();

return ret;


Fetch :

public boolean fetch()


InventTable inventTable;

boolean ret;



// ret = super();

return ret;