Inventory to GL reconcile report

When we run this Inventory to GL Reconcile report, it shows some items with open expected costs even after the production order was completely finished. We’ve been running the adjust cost item entries & post cost to G/L processes every night. Why aren’t these parts being completely invoiced? They have balancing ledger entries for both WIP and Finished Goods, but are showing up in both places. David Maerzke

Hi, I think one of components that were issued in the Production Order was not invoiced. Navision will wait until you invoice all Purchase Receipt for components that was issued. If you work with Subcontractors You should check that all Subcontractor invoices was posted for the Production Order also.

We do see that some components on the offending orders were not completely posted. They have an adjusted cost, but no cost posted to GL. The Expected Cost column is still checked off. The parts were completely received and invoiced so we’re trying to find out why they did not completely post. Do you have an idea about this?

Hi again. We spent more time and found the answer to our question. Thanks again for pointing us this way. We’re still a bit confused as to why you can’t have a released planned order open on a sub-component and output partials in order to satisfy the main released planned order enough to have it fully invoice.