Inventory Subledger and GL not matching

Hi Experts,

I am using old version AX, I am facing issue with GL and SL is not matching specially for Inventory items. How can I reconcile these…

  1. Major cause for un matching due to item group account changed by user frequently for posting purpose… I dententified major issue…

  2. I will correct by linking correct accounts… But my major concern is, its mid of the year if I change item group account will have any impact on financials or any consequences?

Thanks in advance.


There is default report available for reconciliation process, such as AR, AP and Inventory.

The moment you start changing posting groups your reconciliation has gone, you would need to ensure you knew the position of every item part processed at the change, manually journal the values across and then continue. Whilst you can change these it does not mean you should, and if you do, as in this case, there is a significant amount of manual work to reconcile that will need undertaking.

Thanks Adam,

Thank you Adam,

I have not changed the Item group, I change only accounts linked to group as it was going to wrong account.

Is that make much difference?

Once again Thank you very much…

yes that has exactly the same impact. In essence it hits one account and then as it moves it would take it out of that account, however as you have changed accounts it will take it out of an account it was never in instantly creating mis-matches. Not something you should do without very careful planning.