Inventory Setup

I am trying to change the “Avarage Cost Calc. Type” in inventory setup form “item&locantion&varinats” to Items because the avarage cost for items is not ok.
But when i try to change is shown this message " If you change the the Avarage Cost Calc. Type the program must adjust all entries …" i choose "yes"
Then is shown this other message " The form does not recognize the control 1"

Can any one to give me any suggestion because i want to change imediatlly the avarage cost calc. type to Item, because in this way is not ok. I have a lot of data.


Which version of Navision are you using? Is the database customized?

I am using Nav 5.0 Sp1 version Servbia& Montenegro

Is this the actual message or are you translating from Serbian? Would you please try to switch language to English and try again?

I am using in English Language, and the message is in English,

Thanks for your reply

I asked because from the meaning of the message I would guess that a control in a form is bond to a field which has been suppressed in the table, but I tried to cause the problem and got a different text. [*-)]

Anyway, a message like this implies that something has been tampered with. Try to turn on debug so that you can at least determine which form is causing the problem… If you have a MS partner who might have done some changes on your application, contact them.

Thank you very much Anna, because now i am clear that is not any problem with combination in configruation.

the debag stop at:

" WindowNo := NewWindowNo;
WindowPostingDate := NewWindowPostingDate;

IF NOT WindowIsOpen THEN


In the blue top bar should appear name and number of current object; a yellow arrow should point to the offending line…

Look for a line like this:

Window.OPEN(‘Some text #####1#’, ‘More text #######2#’);

it might also look like this:


You will find the constant cont in global variables