Inventory Rounding Value Entries???

Hi All, I am facing some problems with the system creating ROunding Entries and Posting some costs to my Inventory adjustment Accounts. If any body can tell me why will these Entries be created. In my case, a very clean transaction of Purchase and Sales are getting Rounding Posting to the extent of Moving the Entire COGS to the Inventory Adjustment Account. Version 3.10 + Hot fix 7. PS: Upon Running the Adjust Cost Item Entries

Same Here. I’d love to hear the answer…

Your best bet is to upgrade the client to 3.60A with all the latest improvements. I don’t believe Microsoft release any additional improvement and hotfixes before 3.6 anymore. But to answer your question, there is a improvement that addresses additional round entries entries when running adjust cost. However, it’s only available for 3.60A.

There is also an error in the 2.60 to 3.10 conversion upgrade tool that will cause this problem.

Hi Alex, Could you please let me know the place they have fixed this code. My Customer is on a global roll out mode so they may not be able to upgrade till atleast another 6 months. We need to fix the problem right away. thanx,

the reason is generally the posting of negative output on a production order. This is due to a incorrect valuation.

I am also getting this situation when there is a Credit Memo. Cheers,

With Hotfix 13 for 3.10, too.

our NSC solved it with a fix in codeunit 22, everything runs fine now before, we could simulate the problem by creating a production order, posting positive and afterwards negative output, and by running then Adjust Cost/Item Entries


Originally posted by Agustin Carceller
With Hotfix 13 for 3.10, too.

I found the patch for the Problem. It only does not affect the Output entries but also Negative Value Entries which cannot be applied at the time of posting the Journal. When you run the Adjust cost Item Entries the system takes the cost of these to 0. When you post a Credit memo, the cost of this is applied to the sales entries (if you dont apply at the time of posting the Credit Memo) because of this the System moves the COGS to Inventory Adjustment Assuming that the entry is beacuse of an Inventory Adjustment. So when you take the Inventory Valuation, You either end up with a higher or lower of the true value. Thanks for all the help.

Could you post the patch here, please?

Hi Markus, PLease look at the Hotfix 9 for Attain 3.10A. This hotfix entirely deals with this problem and some problems with the Inventory valuation report.