Inventory - Revaluation Journals

  1. Can the revaluation journal be used to re-valuate inventory back dated, i.e, can we post revaluation journal on 22 Jan 10, to revalue inventory as on 31 Dec 09 ?

  2. On the revaluation journal, when the function calculate inventory value is run, the calculated quantity and the Inventory value for all items does not match with the Inventory valuation report on same date, for some items it is same, but there are lot of Items where difference exisits. The Adjust cost - Item entries batch job was run before the exercise, I see the difference even on the cronus database too. What can be the possible reasons ?

Thanks for anticipated replies.

  1. You need to set PD = 31/12/09. (additional restrictions apply if Average Costing is used - only Avg.Cost Period start/end date)

  2. Inv. Valuation report shows CURRENT values, before revaluation, hence the difference. Matching values are those where revaluation is 0.

Thanks, for your reply.

  1. Items are average costing, so what additional restrictions apply.

  2. I run the valuation report, and print then on revaluation journal I run calculate inventory, the calculated quantity and value should match with the valuation report just printed, but it does not, so I am looking for reasons why it is not matching.