Inventory Report


Background: We have a sales stock which is refilled each day by another stock.

What i need is a report which shows me the stock of 2 defined stocks. In addition it should show the “Qty. on Sales Order”. Best would be If i had an additional field like “Qty. on Sales Order tomorrow”.

Example how it could / should look like:

Set Filter [Item]
Vendor Item No. AA*_

No. // Description // Inventory Loc. A // Inventory Loc. B // Qty. on Sales Order // Qty. on sales order 2morrow

I think that shouldnt be to difficult… But i havent a clue where to start…
Explanations in noob-words pls :roll:

Thx in advance, Jakob

I am guessing that you are wanting to create this report yourself but from your post it sounds like you have not created reports in NAV before.

If this is the case, you should really invest some time in some training before undertaking this exercise. It will save you time and money in the long run. You could go on a Microsoft training course or invest in a book such as David Studebaker’s Programming Microsoft Dynamics NAV - you can get the PDF version for approx 20 GBP. There is a pretty good section on reports in the application designer’s guide that exists on your product CD under doc and is called w1w1adg.pdf.

You should try to figure out which tables your report is going to be based on. From the looks of your mockup you want the report to be based on the Item table but the Qty on Sales Order and Qty on Sales Order tomorrow is going to be based on the Sales Line table.

This is a fairly easy report to create but not trivial - you are going to need to know how to either join two tables, write some code or do some clever sorting and grouping. If you need the report quickly you should probably contact your reseller, otherwise start by reading the ADG and then try something a little easier like a report based on the Sales Line table that is bult using the report wizard where you can filter by the shipment date and type, to only show items. Maybe you could group it by Shipment Date and Item Number to get something close to the desired effect but to get your inventory locations you are going to need to join to the Item table.

It is unlikely anyone is going to give you a step-by-step guide to bulding this report on a forum - but you never know!

Thx for ur fast reply!

If i could create the report by myself i wouldnt post here :wink: I never created reports in NV before, right. But i have a little idea how to mod them.

Theres no doubt that i should visit a ms training course or buy books. But the best method for me to learn is to do! The time is even a problem at present.

I know, that i just need 2 tables ( Item & sales line) - The Easier version (just "qty. in sales order) would only require the item table. (would even be enough for first…)

Perhaps my post was really to unspecified…

Lets say i have a report which already shows the “Inventory” (sum of all loc.) & “qty. in sales order” (all dates). How do i create a field which shows me the filtered inventory of a single loc?

I think i need something like


xxx.SETRANGE(“Location Filter”,‘Loc1’);


But i dont know how to make it dynamic in a report.

Any suggestions?

Just add the field “Location Filter” to the report request window.