inventory report development

I am a nav-functional consultant in a company(under client) , wanna develop a inventory report which will contain (item, qty in stock, rate of particular prod., value of that, incresing stock, rate of incresing stock, avg. rate of current stock, avg. value of current stock, used stck in prod, and its rate and value, qty closing bal). my question is which tables and fields should use and what will be logic to develop this report? please help me bcz i am a fuctional consultant and our vendor’s contract period is end so i need to implement and support the whole system and please send me some pros and cons of impelmentation too.


There are lots of report related to inventory Module in navision first check if it fit’s as per ur requirement

If you have report designer in your license you can create your own report or modify existing report

Mainly The table will be…ITEM, ITEM Ledger ENtry, Value Entry, Item Application Entry etc…

I think it’s better if you have a view of already existing report & then can add fields whatever you want…I suppose that u have some techinal knowledge of C/Al & report designing…for more read help file(pdf )