inventory recalculation error - unable to close inventory AX 2012 FP

Hi we ran inventory recalculation (FIFO) pretty much every few days. I noticed that for a particular day in the last month, AX reported as error. There is no log. Cancel button is also grayed out. How could we either cancel this operation or fix this issue so we can close the inventory. Any help is appreciated. Could we need to look at settlements, adjustments or run recalculation again etc.,


Any feedback from anyone? Appreciate it.

Take a look to the settlements of that recalculation, and verify that all of them has the necessary accounts, it happens to me once that one line has its account ‘missed’ (like if the transaction didn’t take the account from the item group), we needed to manually enter it in the InventSettlements table, then we could finished the process.

I guess the recalculation is paused. This happens if the session is closed in between.

try to resume the cancellation, i guess that option must be available.


Unfortunately, we found that if the Inventory, Loss Account can’t be found in Posting Profile, we can’t later add code and then get the Inventory Close to resume. We’ve managed to get all the settlement lines to cancel. Wondering if we can now deleted the Calculation altogether. Anyone know, TIA