I have a problem with one of our clients regarding their Inventory Account. The scenario is this, they have two Inventory Posting Account. One is for item and the other is for cash. The account we use for ITEMS which is not CASH is Inventory Groceries and the account we use for CASH is Revolving Fund. However, if we create an Invoice using CASH in Sales Module and post it, the affected account was Inventory Groceries and not Revolving Fund which it should be. How come that it was the Inventory Groceries that was affected and not Revolving fund? Where our Posting Setup is if ITEMS the Inventory Account is Inventory Groceries and if CASH the Inventory Account is Revolving Fund.

Can anyone help me?

Sorry if my discussion is quite difficult to understand because I’m also shock and wondering about it.

Thanks for your help. Have a nice day!

So when you put a line on for CASH is it an item? How is this processed? Look at the inventory posting group for CASH then look at the inventory posting setup - this is driving the posting of the item.

Account mapping on item inventory depends on Inventory Posting Group AND Location.

You need to select Inventory Posting Group AND Location, then setup the corresponding accounts.

Yep they may have a blank location entry to capture the none location related transactions, but this would be a configuration, otherwise an error would be seen. In this instance it is the process at fault, where the location must be defined, otherwise it is the setup that is wrong for blank entries.

Hi AdamRoue,

Yes, CASH is an item when i put in Sales Line. It is treated like an item but have different Inventory Posting Group. CASH have Posting setup where in the INVENTORY ACCOUNT is REVOLVING FUND and OTHER ITEMS have INVENTORY ACCOUNT of INVENTORY GROCERIES. The LOCATION CODE for both Posting Group is MAIN. And still can’t find any solutions.

Can anyone help me deeply with this one?.. thanks for all your concerns guys… Have a nice day!


At last, i found out why it goes to Inventory groceries when I post CASH items in Sales Invoice. It is because we used DATAPORTS to import the Sales Invoice and what I saw on the imported file on Sales Line dataport is they use the INVENTORY POSTING GROUP for OTHER ITEMS instead of using the INVENTORY POSTING GROUP for CASH. Thanks Guys.

Lesson Learned: check all you dataports and the corresponding value to import. also advised your users about it.

Once again, Thanks and Have a Nice Day!

One other lesson to learn - you told us when you “put in a sales line” you really should have told us when you “imported” the sales line - that adds in information we could respnd to.