Inventory Post Cost, General Ledger Posting Dates question

Good afternoon.

NAV 2009 R2.

All of the items in the DB are using a costing method of average.

We have the ‘Automatic Cost Adjustment’ set to Never, and have created a batch job on the server to run at midnight to run the adjust cost item entries routine.

This is fine, but I have a question. If the routine on the server runs at midnight on July 2, I will check the entries the morning after and there will be entries that have a posting dates back in May, June, and July. Why is this ?

I don’t want to be adjusting my COGS and Inventory with posting date a couple months prior. What I would like is to have the posting date be the same date as when the routine runs on the server. Can this be done ?

Hi Craig,

You can set the allowed posting dates from that should do the trick, I beleive the adjustment will be posted to the first day of the allowed window.


But do you know why there are different posting dates to begin with ?

Its all to do with your stock movements. If you receive very occasional purchase invoices, then they could be adjusting the cost for some time back. For example if you received goods regularly, but only posted the invoice occasionally, the routine would have to adjust the cost of the items which were received, and sold, but which have now been invoiced.


If you set the allowed posting date then system will pop up error.

As andrew said it has to do somthing with the stock movement, ( i.e Purchase & Sales).

Check by passing some entries in a test database.

Agree with Manish, it shows an error, can check on test database.

The date used for posting changes in different versions and localisations.

Therefore, the trick with Allow posting from… worked in some versions / localisations. Besides, accounting regulations differ from country to country, there are countries where usage of transaction date is mandatory, never mind how long ago - it becomes especially exiting, if date happens to hit before current FY.

The best solution I have seen is a modified batchjob with additional tab, where user can can choose from:

  • historical (transaction) date
  • first Allowed date
  • or explicitly enter a date to use for posting

This covers all possible requirements, I only wonder why it’s not included in standard, instead, MS ‘localises’ this report, and thus causes problems.