Inventory period close

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I have a query what is the use of inventory period close in navision 2009 and what will happen if i did not close the year and what will happen if i will close the year.



Hi Shailesh,

I know this is a quite old post, but in case you never got the answer then it’s here:

Nothing happen if you don’t close the period. But when closing it then you cannot by a mistake post within the period.

From the costing manual:
When you close an inventory period, no value changes can be posted within the
closed period. This includes new value postings, expected or invoiced postings,
changes to existing values, and cost adjustments. You can, however, still apply to
an open item ledger entry that falls within the closed period.


I know this is pretty old post, but I want to clarify something.

If in the Inventory Setup we have “Automatic Cost Posting” and “Expected Cost Posting to G/L” turned on and “Automatic Cost Adjustment” is set to “Always”, do we still need to close Inventory Periods?

I believe that Inventory Periods need to be closed if cost/expected cost adjustments are not set to automatic. Can someone advise? Thank you.


Even if you have all that automatics turned on, do perform a manual “adjust cost” now and then (once a month). And run the “Post Inventory Cost to G/L” as well.

There might have been a moment where some of your automatics were turned off - done in a moment of testing or something.

Just call me paranoid, all right - this is just an advice [:)]

Thanks Anfinnur,

I did that number of times on different systems but so far haven’t noticed any additional entries, so it appears automatics turned on was doing well. Yes, it won’t harm to run those batches from time to time.

Do you think there is a need to close inventory periods if adjust cost/expected cost are set to automatic?

Basically, no.
But to make it foolproof, yes [;)]