Inventory Parameters- dimension Groups


I had a doubt about the PRimary stocking and the Mandatory set up check boxes in the Dimension Groups.

I want to know the difference between the two, what is the purpose of these two check boxes.

If only mandatory is checked and not primary stocking then what does it mean.

And if only primary stocking is checked then what is the meaning of the same.

Or is it that both are inter related.



Mandatory - makes it mandatory at the time of adding item to the sales order line or POline.

Ex: if I set Mandatory for warehouse, once I add item to SOline, I must specify the “warehouse” to save the SO Line. It is mandatory to save the record. If you unselect “mandatory”, you can save the record but you would need to specify it at the time you receive the items.

About primary stocking, you can refer the last post in the below link.