Inventory number group - help with assign the number group to BoM - AX 2012

Hello, I have created inventory number group that I need to assign to BoM. I was looking at the “Released Product” or the BoM designer set up window but just couldn’t find where. Appreciate if anyone could help me with this? thank you

I found this link for AX 3 -…/861532

Also, I wondered if we could barcode enable the serial numbers printed on the packing slip? If so, any points on how to set this up will be greatly appreciated.

Inventory number group? You mean serial number group. This is the third time I have told you this in as many days [:D] Manage Inventory fast tab, tracking field group, serial number group. You add it to the parent item you are making. This then generates it for the production order.

Yes you can barcode serial numbers but it depends what you want to do with them. Needs development and a barcode font depending upon the requirements.

Thanks a ton Adam. really appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to point this out to me - I thought i saw this field somewhere but fault is mine that i didn’t look close enough at the manage inventory section.

one other question - I was trying to generate the serial number manually, and I ticked the number sequence (where I set the sequence as ABC-####). I also tried to tick just the reference or lot.

During the registration (RAF), it prompts me with a window to enter the starting # and at the bottom shows the format. I thought the format include date-reference-lot-numbersequence. Is it?

what i am trying to achieve is that, we want to input the serial manually where we need to prefix “ABC” for one type of customer and for another we want to input “XYX” in both cases followed by 4 digit number. How could we do that? I can auto generate it with number sequence activated that works fine. but we want to input specific number with prefix. Is it possible?

As standard you cannot enter a manual prefixed serial number where the prefix is driven by the customer, you have to do it “manually” as you have defined.

Hi Adam, what does the format box allow? I can’t seem to enter anything. If I enter “ABC” it does’t allow.

I ticked only number sequence and have a sequence “ABC” - #### set up.

Say If I just want to enter ABC-10001, ABC-5552 for any customer, how could I achieve that?

The format is used in the “Create Serial Numbers” screen, so if you go to a purchase order and go to the line and stock and registration option you will find this option. If you had a format of ABC-#### the system would tell you start is 1 and end if 5 (for a quantity of 5) and then you would get ABC-0001, ABC-0002, ABC-0003, ABC-0004 and ABC-0005.

If you have the number sequence ticked and have populated the number group the system will warn you that autonumbers exist in teh process, but still allow a manual definition, however this is you ignoring the automation. If you automate the number there is no need to create it and no need to format it, you just recieve the purchase order in and it creates the serial numbers as per the number sequence - look at the registration after receipt to see them.

Hi Adam, thanks a lot. We only create S/L for the finished Goods. So if I set to use manual, AX doesn’t allow any format except the numeric digits that too as starting number 1000 and for a QTY of 5, it will create 1001 through 1005. Is that a fair statement? i.e no prefix for e.g. “ABC” can be applied if I elect to go with manual. From what I understand, AX ignore the formatting but only allow me to create numeric serial No.

I see a problem, we currently use a system to generate the S/L that we assign to the items to be manufactured in the shop-floor. Say, if there is a 5 items to be produced, we assign “ABC” 1000 through ABC-1004. The number is sequential but the problem is that, we don’t have which item will be manufactured first. In most cases, customer would request us to ship say 2 items out of 5 ordered right away. so we may have items ABC-1000 & ABC-1004 ready to go, while rest of the items are in progress.

I thought, I could RAF for 2 items produced, may be 1 item at a time, that way AX will allow me to enter 1000 and 1004 when I RAF again. (I am not sure if I can RAF less than the ordered Qty), that I can pick, pack and ship. So still I would have 3 QTY is in progress from a production order perspective and Sales order has only shipped two items.

How could I achieve this? Appreciate your inputs.

No that is not true. From teh production order select the stock ribbon bar and update registrations. Then select the create serial number button. In the format put ABC-000# this will then create 1 for each #.

Look again then reasses your issues later in the text.

Thanks Adam. AX let me create the format that we needed.