Inventory not updated after posting PO


I am facing a peculiar problem in AX-2012 R2. My client has created a PO (Let us say PO#1) for items A, B & C. GRN (Packing Slip) and Invoicing also done. When you look at the cost of PO is properly distributed through GL and also I can see all line items against GRN & Invoice. In fact the vendor account properly hit the PO value.

The issue is, when I look at the Inventory of item “A” which is not hit properly and the particular PO is not showing under transactions of the same item. Stock (On Hand) is not updated against the same item “A”. However against the other 2 items the same PO is showing under transactions and stock (On Hand) is properly updated.

In simple words the Inventory is not updated properly for the same PO and item number “A”.

Is there is anyone faced the same problem, if YES what is the solution applied to reconcile this particular PO with Inventory to bring back the stock.

Thanks in advance and looking forward experts’ answers.



Is it a stocked item and post physical inventory checked in the item model group?

Dear Adam,

Thanks for your prompt reply.

Yes it is a stocked item and post physical inventory option is checked in the item model group.



You would need to look at the inventory transaction associated with the line received. I presume this was manually created as an order?

Is there maybe some kind of quarantine stock defined? Then you might want to perform the necessary steps to “approve” the item’s inbound qty and quality check list.

BTW, what do the financial postings say?

Dear Adam,

When I checked the line received transactions it is showing there. Not only Packing slip its showing under invoice also. The cost already booked against vendor, but its not affected the inventory.

@Martin, There is no quarantine setup for this customer. The financial posting is perfect and it hit all proper accounts including the same item’s cost. Vendor balance also properly updated.

I know its vague issue and breaking my head :slight_smile:



Really strange issue. Unfortunately no solution - only ideas what to check…

  • Did you have a look @ the table browser? Maybe there is something that can be seen in the referring tables?

  • Does it alway happen to that particular item? Did you create a new PO including this item? Maybe also an idea to copy from the first PO including all setup, incl. header?

Your Product Type on that item is not Service is it?

Hello Martin,

This is only happened 1 time for that item and different POs its properly updated the Inventory :frowning:

@Michelle, No its not a service type item.



That is so unfortunate! I would look if there is any inventory blocking created?