Inventory not getting updated


I have created a PO and posted as receive while creating i have given only location but not bins.

After posting when i see the inventory it is not updated but quantity on purchase order has got updated.

Plz tell me where i made a mistake and why my inventory is not updated

I dont think it;s related to your bin.

just go to that posted receipts & navigate it…then u must be able to see that Item Ledger Entry.

check if there is some application entry after you have created that PO.

can u make it clear bharat


I mean to say that when ever u post a po (Receive) it create a posted receipt.(you can find it in history or simply click on same po form & then on button orders->receipt)…go to that posted receipt & then press Navigate button on that this will show you the related tables in which that receipts make impact.

you must find Itel Ledger Entry in it. click on No. of records (drill down)…

Also you can go to that Itam card & then press Ctrl+F5 (Item ledger entries) & check for that entry…

Hope its help you