Inventory Movements report without filtering by batch

We are using the Item Journal in order to register consumptions, and use the report “Inventory Movements” to the pick process. We have configured many batches to assure control, but I would like to print out the report without filtering by batch.

How do I do that?


By default reports are print with SETRECFILTER.
You have to comment that line to avoid filtering in reports.

I have noticed now that you are an end user.
You have to customize that.


What do you mean? Should he “customize” that he’s an end-user?

Members asking questions in the end-user forum doesn’t actually have to be end-users. I have asked many questions here during the times…

But to your answer. I think he has just asking if it was possible to do without modifications of the code…

Without modifying the code isn’t possible, during posting is applied filter to report.
Before printing the user manually has to clean the filter.

You are right, users posting to this forum doesn’t mean to be end-users. Some times it’s difficult to know if a member it’s an end user or not.

Dear Jeppe,

I’ve now looked into this report. If you run it directly from the Object Designer menu, then you can print it without the batch filter.

Take a look at this: