Inventory movement


Our clients are moving the warehouses now. Just wonder what the processes in Dynamics AX 2009 to achieve this requirement. I can think of using the transfer journals to move from one warehouse to another warehouse. But are there any other things I need to consider? How about the cost of transportation etc.


How does the customer want to handle the cost of consumption, if they want to uplift the base cost they would need to revalue. I would either perform a movement or a stock count. Depends on the process being undertaken and what the client wants to do as much as anything.

Thanks AdamRoue, do you think if there are other things to think of, like MRP during they moving the warehouse?

I would use the Transfer orders (Stock management\Periodic) becouse it will let you send and receive as two different stages, allowing to detect differences between merchandise sent and received, if people responsible for FROM warehouse is different of the TO warehouse, it will also help, so each other can be responsible of what was sent and of what was received (unless the warehouses are next to each other considering transit time irrelevant and the responsibles are the same at both points).

Regarding MRP, I don’t see an impact on its use (unless a huge quantity of material gets ruined or lost during transport) in which case you need to do the appropiate inventory journal first to substract that merchandise from stock and then MRP can help you with the replanishment order. Although the items are In Transit if you use the Transfer Order, MRP will still consider the items as if they are in stock. If you use Transfer Orders, the From and To warehouses needs to have a Transit warehouse related.

Well you will have demand on one warehouse and warehouse in the item coverage settings. But if you are physically moving system warehouses you would consider this as part of the plan for data impact. Why are you moving? Why not simply rename the warehouse code?

Hi Hector ,

How about the cost of transportation to load on the inventory , which received at To warehouse ?

As previous it depends upon what the client wants. Some localisations also have miscellaneous costs on transfer orders, along with some MDIS solutions.

Consider what AdamRoue replied… I don’t know how to apply transportation costs to the transfers… In my case the customer didn’t want to add that cost to the items…[*-)] lucky me!