Inventory movement error "The quantity is not valid"

Unable to move inventory from MW-RCV (receiving dock) to SSC-CON (production input location) for three highlighted license plates - screenshot below. No reservations appear to be preventing the transactions. There is no MIN/MAX on input location. Is there something else in the background that could be holding up this quantity? Also cannot use inventory transfer journal or inventory adjustment journal to get this material out of MW-RCV (receiving dock).

Mobile device menu item generally prompts with the full license plate quantity. These instances are all prompting with “” quantity. Manual entry of quantity results in error “The quantity is not valid” - screenshot below.

Anyone figure this out?

We were able to clear it with a consistency check. No idea as to cause. It has occurred multiple times since initial posting.

I have narrowed it to Transfer receipts… not all or even most, but often enough to be disruptive. And clearing with a consistency check appears to be hit or miss. (Additional note: All transfers coming into our WHS warehouse are shipped from non-WHS warehouses)