Inventory Model Group - Stocked Product field confusion

Hi All ,

In AX 2012 we have the Product type field has two options - Item or Servie .

When I am creating the new product or product master , first I need to select the Item or Service in the product type .

If user select the Item , system will create the Item transactions means we will know the Physical Qty.

If user select the Service , system will not create the Item transactions means we cannot know the Physical Qty.

Then again why we have the one more field called Stocked product in the inventory model group ?

I am not understanding the use of this field ? How this field differs with Item or service ?

Share your experience .

when you select the item type as service and stocked product is not checked then you will not see inventory transactions. when the stocked product is selected in the model group, it will show you the transactions.

Same case with the item type type - item.

Also, I’m curious to know whether you tried my reply for your question “price unit and price quantity”

From your statement what i have understood is Product type field is just for reporting purpose only ( to filter the data ).

Stocked field will decide that need to create the Inventory transactions or not

Am i correct ?

When it comes to above post I have enteted the Price -100 and price unit 2 in the sell tab.

Now i have created the sales order for 4 pieces , it is showing the total amount as 400/-

What would be wrong ?

Regarding Stocked product, you are right in saying that.

About price unit, It must work Lally, Just check whether any refreshing/save problem.