Inventory Model Group Setup - Output Order checkbox missing

We would like to start using the auto-report as finished function set on the item master for a finished product… When we go to post a packing slip or invoice on an item where this is selected, we get an error that says we can not use output orders with auto report as finished… The help information indicates that this is set in the Inventory Model Group under the Setup tab… But our AX screen does not show the “Output Order” checkbox…???

Output orders are part of WMSII but I would guess you either do not have the license or the configuration is turned off.

I presume you have not set it on the warehouse management tab of the warehouse?

There are other settings in the parameters that affect the output orders, and some processes auto create them, but I cannot remember these off the top of my head I would have to go and look for them.

We have WMS I …but not WMS II…I looked through the configuration screen but don’t see any option to turn-on or turn-off output orders… and the option is not available on our Inventory Model Group setup screen…??? Hmm…

not sure if the process actually needs them, so it could be a red herring, only pallets under WMS II in the config, what is in your picking route status in sales parameters?

“Picking Route Status” is set to “Completed”…choices are Activated or Completed

Can you test setting it to activated and see if you get the same output order issue?

I get the following error message:

The BOM item 4100 is automatically being reported as finished and cannot be used with output orders. Instead the BOM should be exploded.

Operation cancelled

hmm I will have to set this up and run it through, although I would guess I will have no problems with the license I have. Have you reported it to your partner?

We did list it as a potential issue when we were first looking into upgrading to AX2009. But then the user group changed their processes and decided they wouldn’t be using function… The issue was set aside as a low priority… Now of course they are changing their minds…I will bring it up to them again…

Could you clarify your error message?

If I set this up and have zero stock and choose not to process and item journal to book the stock in then I am told “The BOM x is being automatically reported as finished and cannot be used with output orders, Instead the BOM should be exploded”. This is telling me I have not told the system I have made the item and therefore explode the BOM and pick the items to represent these.

Anyway in my simple test in two separate very different systems one works and one does not. The one that does not does not have the configuration key “Pallets” selected under WMSII. I removed this in the working system and got the same message as the non-working system.

So basically if this is your message you need WMSII and pallets at least turned on to get this to create the pick and process the entry.

Your partner should be able to fairly easily verify what I have said with a simple test. [:D]

We don’t own module license for WMS II…nor due we have plans to buy it… We do own license for WMS I…which gives us some basic warehouse function…and that is all we need at this time… Out product mix is very simple and product moves through the warehouse very quickly…

When we upgraded from AX 3.0 to AX2009 something changed… We didn’t add any additional module or make any changes to our configuration keys… We don’t have an option to turn use of pallets on.

Did AX change what is included in WMS I and WMS II in AX2009?..

That is true but you are changing your process to use the auto report as finished. I do not beleive it has changed, but I also cannot comment on inter-module and license requirements - you must get your partner involved and they can raise the “why” with Microsoft, I have just answered what is causing your error - it is because you do not have WMSII

We used the auto-report as finished process in AX 3.0 prior to upgrading to AX2009… The user unchecked this option in the item master record just before we went live…and now has decided that they will need to use it again…

I do plan on contacting our partner… I was just checking to see if any other AX user experienced the same issues… Checking to see if this was a know issue… When I first mentioned this during AX2009 upgrade testing to our partner they did not have an answer or fix for it…

I would guess that they have altered the functionality between versions, the question is whether this is by design or not. If not you have a case, if by design you would need to purchase WMSII to achieve what you want. Your partner will need to ask Microsoft for a definitive answer on this.