inventory Marking Ax 2009

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What is inventory Marking in Ax 2009?? can you explain with example.I went

through manual , but I couldn’t get it.


hi Ravi

i dont understand what u want to say?please explain your answer


Inventory marking functionality is used to mark a particular inventory receipt against an issue.

Item is valued at weighted average cost and for any issue transaction, it picks weighted average cost. Now consider a scenario where you want to reverse a PO with exact amount of item rather than weighted average cost. In this case, you can use marking functionality. You need to point the inventory receipt which needs to be reversed.


I endorse pranav’s eplanation. Pranav covered the financial aspect of it. In physical transaction point of view, you can consider the below exampl to understand it better.

During a sale order issue, In SO> you went to Inventory marking and marked a specific purchase receipt. In this case system allocates the specific lot number to that Sale. So, after marking, if you go and see the inventory>Trans of particular item, in general tab you can find “Reference lot” field get updated with the lot id of the purchase receipt.

At some time in the future, if your customer complains about that product, you can trace it back through the reference lot id to see from which PO you received that item.

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