Inventory Marking (allocation to sales orders)

At times we need to reserve stock from the purchase orders (which are yet to be recieved). Detailed scenario: I have a sales order for an item and I have a purchase order in place for the same item. I’d like to reserve/aalocate the goods arriving on that PO to the sales order (inventory marking). The issue I have is that goods are by default recieved into a “Recieving Location” which is a temporary location in our warehouse (from this location warehopuse team moves the goods to proper bins). As a rule we do not ship goods from this “recieving Location”. However, since I have marked the goods and pegged them to a sales order (i.e. they are essentially reserved in the system"), the warehouse cannot move these goods to a proper bin without unmarking/unreserving them. what I’d like to achieve: keep the goods allocated to the sales order, and yet be able to move them around in the warehouse (i.e. transfer to proper bins). I’ll appreciate your help and ideas. Let me know if you need any additional info.

Do not set the location dimension as primary stocking, then it will not reserve at this level - you usually would not set it on location anyway, but I guess you have to create the reservation to be location specific which then causes you issues in this process.