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We would like to lock the From batch number and To batch number fields.
So that you can only transfer to the same batch number.
EG. From batch number = ABCD0001 then you should only be able to transfer To batch number = ABCD0001
how can i make this changes?

There is no parameter to avoid doing that, you need to program a modification.

The purpose of the system allowing to do that is becouse in the warehouse it is possible that by mistake, for the same product, they phisycally dispatch one batch instead of the one that was entered in the journal, so when you perform a counting process and find that discrepance, you can use that functionallity (move from one batch to another) in order to correct the system according to what phisycally is in the warehouse.

If you make the programming to avoid that, think in the way you are going to handle this situation when it happens (maybe one journal to dicrease inventory from one batch, and another journal to increase in the other batch)