Inventory, loss & profit accounts

Hello everybody.

I’m making an inventory movement journal, the item model group is Weighted avg. date. When I’m trying to post it, AX is asking me the Inventory, loss & profit accounts for the item (depending if the movement is + or -), as per my understanding it should only ask for that accounts if the inventory model is Standard cost…

Can anybody explain to me why is this happening? Am I in the right assumption?

Thanks a lot!!!

It gets posted to Inventory issue/receipt accounts when we post movement journals. have you specified the inventory issue/receipt accounts? i guess sometimes Ax misguides with wrong infologs, so can you check specifying those.

Should not ask for profit and loss in a non-standard, it should just be offset and inventory asset. Have you the fixed receipt price set on the model group (not that I believe this would impact on it)

Hi Santosh, yes both issue/receipt accounts are specified, we think that those two should be the only ones asked…

Hi AdamRoue, Fixed receipt price is not selected in the model group, but Include physical value yes

So when you post it after entering the accounts does any value hit the accounts? Trace it back if it does.

Sorry, what do you mean with trace it back… what should I do?

I think Adam is asking to specify the profit/loss accounts and post the journal, check which accounts it got posted - whether to profit/loss accounts or Issue/ receipt accounts. Usually it has to post to issue/receipt accounts.

Strange… the journal was posted, but this time didn’t asked for the profit&loss accounts (and I didn’t specify them in the item group on purpose) it only used the issue/receipt accounts… Thanks for your time AdamRoue and Santosh!!!

Look at the financial transactions from the posting - what ledger accounts have been hit? If one of the ones you added what are the values and how does this differ from the cost you processed originally or the base cost or standard cost of the item etc.