Inventory Ledger vs Trial Balance month end not tally

Reconciliation for Inventory vs Trial Balance not tally, why this differences?

  1. Work In Progress excluded in the reconciliation, am I right?
  2. Inventory value are the Inventory closing figures in Physical Inventory by item group instead of Estimated Inventory value ?

Kindly advice.



How are you tallying the inventory values? Have you run the inventory close or recalculation?

  1. Yes. WIP account is not hit with your inventory issue or receipt.

  2. Inventory value is always your financially updated inventory. This means inventory transactions which are invoice updated. Inventory value depends on inventory model group.


What are the accounts that you are including in you reconciliation?

If you are reconciling Financial Inventory then you need to reconcile the accounts defined in Inventory posting Issue and receipt.

Thanks, Sachin

Hi Sachin and Pranav, I have a related question - From the inventory value report AX 2012, the inventory value shows both physical and financial inventory as well as a summary of these two. In such case where we need to reconcile both physical/financial, should we need to include for e.g. production picklist/RAF, PO - Product Receipt, Purchase, Inventory Receipt etc., Inventory loss/gain etc? . What is the best way to reconcile financial update only or both?

thank you

The best way is to reconcile on the basis you require.

If you reconcile on physical then you need to include any element that would impact on the physical elements, so GRNI, GSNI, these sort of transactions will move stock out of the inventory asset and therefore you need to include them.

What you ultimately need to do is understand the physcial transactions and where they impact on YOUR GL configuration, then you can decide which elements to reconcile where.

Hi Pranav & Sachin,

the accounts im trying to reconcile is:

Trial balance ledger account - closing balance -inventory value (7,498,000.00)

with physical inventory by item group-inventory value.(7,470,000.00)

Please advise.