In Invetory Dimensions I have to check the Color Field for the Product in Dimension Group where it is not allowing me to select the Color field it is throwing info as given below.

No dimensions group setup can be changed when transactions exist that use this setup unless the dimension group for an item is changed.

but when i changed the dimension group from Product to consum than i was able to select the Color feild after making combinations im not able to unchek that color field throwing sme info:

what shall i do to avoid this info.

Please help

It clearly says that you cannot change the elements of the Dimension group when there exists transaction for the items which uses this Dimension Group.

The Item for which you want to change the Dimensions - If no transactions exists for the item create new dimension group and attach it .(Rather than modifying the existing dimension group).

What is the info you are getting? Does any transactions exists for the item? If not delete the combinations and try it again.

Your system will have transactions for Items having dimension 'Product" . Thats why you are not allowed to change the size,color,config etc for the same dim group. If you want to use color then either use some existing dim group where color is active or create a new one.

I didnt get your second case where you tried unchecking the color field .Could you please elaborate more ? what Information is it throwing?

Thanks all got it

@ monika it is showing same info. actulaly there is already transactions so only it is showing that info same as above

now got it.

Hai syed,

Its adviced that ALWAYS…not to change the dimesnion group set up if the transaction exists.It will WILL create data corruption later on.

So as suggested above create a new dimesnion group and attach it.



Thanks all for ur support