Inventory Item Group Setup "Inter-unit Payable & Receivable" fields

We were changing the inventory status of an item from “Quarantine” to “Available” and AX gave the following error message “Account number for transaction type inventory inter-unit receivable does not exist”. Does AX require that the Inventory Item Group setup fields “Inter-unit Payable” and “Inter-unit Receivable” be completed with account numbers? Currently those fields are blank. We are using AX2012 R3 CU12. Thank you in advance for your help.

See the explanation of when these account are used,…/aa575515.aspx

Thank you for the information. Yesterday, I created a dummy general ledger account and assigned it to those fields. AX allowed us to make the status change but didn’t make an entry. The assumption then is that AX requires accounts for the fields but may not create an entry.

My next question is when will AX make an entry? I have read several postings referring to these fields. The examples involve inventory transfers either between sites, transfers with average or standard cost, or transfers between dimensions. We use actual cost. We have only 1 site. The only financial dimension (department) isn’t assigned to the inventory accounts. Is there any way to determine the transactions that will create an entry other then retaining the dummy account and attempt every type of transaction? If that is the answer then that’s a lot of pain for the gain.

If you are transferring item from one site to another or one product dimension to other, then the system checks if inter unit accounts are configured. If not it will through the error.
The posting into these accounts actually happens if there is a difference in costs between from and to dimensions (site , product dimensions).

Thank you for the information. We aren’t using product dimensions but our Warehouse manager indicated that dimensions can be other features in AX. Thank you again for your help.