Inventory dimension Site is mandatory

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I’m trying to create a saleorder, salesline from jobs.I’m able to complete the header part(the sale order) with no errors.

The salesline is getting created for some items.But, for some, i’m getting errors stating

Inventory dimension Site is mandatory and must be consequently specified.


can you help me how i can include the inventdimension site through code in the salesline?

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It is just another field, mandatory through the setup and dimension group. If you are pushing in fields then this is just another one - if you have the warehouse you know the site. Get it from the default order settings against the item.

Adam Roue…

I wanted to test it manually through coding. I think my question was not clear.

inventDim.InventSiteId = “1”;
inventDim = InventDim::findOrCreate(inventDim);

salesLine.InventDimId = inventDim.inventDimId;

This helped me to resolve the issue. Thanks:)

InventDim inventDim_1;


inventDim_1.InventSiteId == “XX”;

salesLIne.inventDimId = InventDim::findOrdCreate(inventDim_1).inventDimId;

I think both the posts happened at same time.

any way you got the solution,

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But, thanks Kranthi

Hi there,

I found an error message when we try to create credit note transaction in purchase order. Because this order was record last year. we do the opening balance carry forward this year, so we didn’t have all details of purchase order from last year. In addition, This item has a dimension group which requires batch number too.

and the error is following:

“Inventory dimension batch number is a primary input/output dimension and must consequently be specified”

Even we enter the batch number in the order but, we still get the same error.
Does anyone know how to fix it? Please help


I think you can raise a credit note to purchase order which is invoiced…

If you dont have the details of the PO how you are raising a credit note to it…

I’m not aware of the credit node functionality. But, the error is because,

You might have not associated batch number for the Item

You can do this in Inventory Management - > Inquiries → Dimension → Batch number for.

After this, in the purchase order, you can just click on the batch number you have associated for that item. Now you try to create the credit note.

Please tll me about the credit note functionality of AX.

Exactly by doing what your are gettinig the error…

Thanks you all. It works :slight_smile:

how did yo solved it?


I am also getting the same error: “Inventory dimension Site is mandatory and must be consequently specified.”. While from the SalesTable form, under the SalesLine section, clicks on buttons “Functions->Explode BOM”. Now it prompts me with the dialog as below:

But when I click on “Ok” by selecting all records, I got the above error message (i.e. “Inventory dimension Site is mandatory and must be consequently specified.”).

Please give some advice to troubleshoot this issue.



The site is not filled for the BOM lines.

if you have not specified any site in the BOM lines - the system searches for the default setting option - and site for sales order

(or) the site during the SO creation.

to avoid this

  1. create BOM lines with site


  1. define default order setting for the BOM lines and specify the site on the sales order tab


  1. specify site during the creation of Sales Order.

Dear all,

I am getting the error message that is “Inventory dimension Batch number is primary input/output dimension and must consequently be specified” while posting Sales order invoice. Sales order already delivered and while doing GRN it was not asking for the Batch number.

Now this Order has to be invoiced. Let me know that why it is asking for the Batch number.


Sathish kumar

Check the dimension group of the item, you have it specified, so you have to define it.