Inventory dimension number speification... AX 2009

Supplier invoice for PO #### failed to post with an error generated as shown on the screenshot.

errors: 1) inventory dimension batch number must be specified

  1. inventory dimension location must be specified…

where i can fix this error?

Thank you guys.


Hi Shantiya,

Item in PO, might contain the dimension group selected for “Batch & location” and that is why it is asking you to mention the Batch number & location.

Go to PO > In PO lines > Dimensions (Tab) > here you can specify batch & location at their respective fields.


Hi Shantiya,

As sarathy said you hav to specify the batch number and location which you can specify either at :

Go to PO > In PO lines > Dimensions (Tab) > here you can specify batch & location at their respective fields


For the respective item you can go to Navigation:

Inventory Mgmt > Item details > Under general tab u can specify Batch number group, So that while invoicing it picks up the batch number automatically.

Please correct if going wrong anywhere…:slight_smile:


Vishal :slight_smile:

Hi Sarathy & Vishal thx for you prompt reply ya! i will work around with this and get back to you soon.

Tq V much :wink:



In essence you have probably not received it. The item has these dimensions set to enable the tracking of inventory, so before you update teh system it has to know these.

Hi Adam,

Thx, by the way, can you give me clear explaination? kinda blur with your statement… tq.

A purchase order is created, then when the goods come in it is received - I doubt you have received it. Instead you are trying to direct invoice it, and the stock transactions then do not have the stock dimensions defined as required by the stock dimension group attached to teh item.

Hi Adam,

Thx. i already “Received” the goods and the dimensions had been set up accurately. But i’m unable to invoice this goods. Is there any other steps that i might missed out?

Kindly advice.

Thx :wink:

I had done a replication on this case.Found that the data for PO#### is different as what I did.

My replication on the case are as below:

  1. Delivered 20 for item 999999 and 6 for item 444444

  2. Reverse 6 for item 444444 using Posting > Delivery note > Quantity (Receive now = -6)

  3. Delivered 6 quantities for item 444444.