Inventory date change to 2 days back

Dear All,

While doing sale order registration, i need to change the registration date to 2 days back.

Sale order created date is 1 Nov 2012. Means Current system date is 5 Nov 2012, I want to do packing slip registration date is 3 Nov 2012. If i change like this it will effect any where. Can any one help in this regard.



If you are talking about changing the packingslip date during the Sales order, obviously you can do it. As that is the straight forward mechanism. Assuming that you have sent the stock on 3-Nov-12 and updating the same on 5-Nov-12 by setting the date on the date u shipped.

Please correct me if i miss understood your question.

Santosh -

Thanks for reply Santosh, like such invoice date also i can change to two days back and post will not effect any where. Is it correct or not.

Yeah you are correct, similarly you can put a back date into Invoice date field and can post the invoice. It doesn’t cause any issues.