Inventory count journal - can't post journal

Hi guys,

I’ve got an Inventory Count Journal which won’t post with the following error message …

Cannot receive quantity 40.00 because inventory transactions with status Ordered, Arrived or Registered are insufficient.

Any ideas of what I need to do to fix this?



I am guessing the count journal was not created manually? Check the stock transaction. 1. does it exist? 2. What is the status?

Hi Adam. It’s a journal created via DIEF. It has 800 lines, but my test is only for 1st 4 lines. The journal has been created OK and has gone through staging and is now an open journal in Inventory (a counting journal)… It validates OK, but just won’t post because of this error. Please help :slight_smile:

My journal header and lines (sample 1 item below)

S0800050065,INVCo,1,Opening balance 28th April 2016,04/28/2016,A-001-02,Counting,7000496,40,7000496009,43200,23001,230,Jrnl_001

Hi Joe,

Like AdamRoue said: Check if the inventory transactions are created. Per journal line you can check this. If you used DIXF and did not enabled the option Run business login on insert and update on both the Target entity and the Processing group, the related inventory transactions might be not created, thus missing.

Hi Andre. Thanks for the insight. I’m sure I unchecked the “run business logic” flag. I’ll login again soon. I think backups are going on just now. So, I’ll check the flag and try again? Right?

Hi Andre, Success. The Entity was set for “run business logic” but I had it switched off at the Processing Group level. So journal has posted successfully. Physical quantities and financial values. Thanks to Adam too for advising me to check transactions. Although only a 4 line journal. only 1 product code is involved. AX has created about 20 lines with a status of “ordered” for the product. The other 4 lines are status of “Received”. So looks good. One last question? Is there any way I can remove the 20 lines for the product which are at status “ordered”?