Inventory Costing - Apply to Item Entry

Hi, problem : When Reversing the Sales or Purchase the user forgot to select the value for “Apply to item entry” column. and they posted the same, run the periodic activity. Description. When you are not selecting the “Apply to Item Entry” for Sales / pruchase while returning the correct Cost willnot be taken and the costing is worng at the end. Question Is there is any way to link the “Apply to Item Entry” column for the “Negative adjustments”. After doing this any way to run the periodic activites to get the correct costing. Simulation Select one Item - Average Costing 1. on 1st Jan-04–Item1–@–122Qty–@–190$ - Positive Adjustment 2. on 2nd Jan-04–Item1–@–122Qty–@–190$ - Negative Adjustment (during this Apply to item entry - above line not selected) 3. on 2nd Jan-04–Item1–@–122Qty–@–95$ - Positive Adjustment 4. on 3rd Jan-04–Item1–@–1 Qty–@–95$ - Negative Adjustment when you run the periodic activities the AVG. cost will be 142.5 instead of 95$ Can any one help on this. where we have to do the adjustments to get the correct cost?

Hi Mani If you are on 3.60 you can select Exact Cost reversing in the set-up files o fsales and purchasing. This will force the entry of the applies to field on the inbound transaction. This will prevent this happening in the future and the repercussions.

Hi Steven, Ok. This can be a furture solution. We can set up this in Sales / Purchase. For the Already posted invoices, is there is any work around to solve.?

HI Mani To correct the average cost? You may want to search this forum for this, it is a large topic and many threads exist that should give you an insight into methods and pitfalls.

Hi Steven, Thanks