Inventory Costing and Valuation course.

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Microsft AXAPTA 2009 Trade & logistics Manual 1 .

In this open the chapter 2 : Inventory

Go to the 17th page of the Inventory chapter .

Here I found the below statement .

That is Learn more about Inventory models in the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009

Inventory Costing and Valuation course.

I gone through the partner source , I could not find.

What about that manual. Where can I find that manual.

As yet it does not exist. Microsoft realised from AX2009 feedback they desperately needed this course, it was discussed in the summer of 2008 from memory, but these things take time. Partnersource is being updated regularly, when they have it they will post it, they are posting manual updates daily. Once Microsoft have defined the content of the course, created the material and obtained the appropriate people to train on it then it will be available. Until then you need to wait, keep watching and do what everyone in version 4 did - learn yourself !

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For get about the 2009 manual

Atleast can u give the path for Axapta 4.0 Inventory and costing manual .

Hi Austin

I do not know any other way to say this except it does not exist.

You have costing elements in T&L and Finance Manuals - this is what you get. ONLY when AX2009 was released and they completely changed the appoach to costing with the costing sheet and costing version did Microsoft feel the need to have a Costing course and manual. All versions prior to this, it did not exist.

Thanks for your valuable information on this issue.


I got that same problem and I found in the partnersource the course number 50191, it does not say a lot about the configuration of indirect cost but is clear enough with other costing sheet configuration issues.

I hope that can help yo u a little.


The inventory costing and valuation course is the number 50191, just go to partnersource and seach it.

It’s a good course but ir does not explain how indirect cost are configurate in the new costing sheet in AX2009

good luck with that!!!

Yes it has been released in the 5 months since the post was made!

Hi Adam! Where can I find more about the costing sheet?

Many thanks!

If it is anywhere it will be in the inventory costing and valuation course; the number 50191 - You will need to search Partnersource