Inventory Cost Problem

Hi all, I faced a big problem in ver 3.7. Dose anyone know why item qty bal is zero but the average cost still have value? Almost, we have some baacked date transactions such like… 15/01 Sales 10 pcs (Inventory -10) 10/10 Purchase 20 pcs (Inventory +20) then at month end run Adj cost and post cost to G/L. Navision had generated a lot adjustment cost entries, but it seemed very difficult to verify (since we didn’t run the adjust cost every month end). How to find this problem and how to fix it? Please help Simon

This problem is not only existent in 3.70. If you ask Microsoft about this, they will say that this behavior is by design. The problem is that the average cost is not calculated based on the total value of the items currently on stock (remaining qty.) but on purchases only. So the Navision idea is: buy 20 for 10 each buy 20 for 8 each, total value equals 360 , average cost price is 9 sell 30 for 9 average cost and your stock value will be 90 (ten left) buy another 20 for 10 and you have 30 on stock with a value of 290. what is the average cost now ? I would say : 290 / 30 = 9,67 Navision would say: 560 / 60 = 9,33 sell your 30 for 9.33 average cost reduces your stock by 280. So your stock is at zero units with value of 10 !!! Good luck !

Unfortunately this is a long known issue which is not getting addressed in Vedbaek, appearantly it is much more fun to implement stuff like Outlook, Ganttserver or Busines Notification in Navision than to correct the old and well known problems.