Inventory Cost Price update in AX

Hi Friends,

Can we re-value item cost price while not actually closing the inventory.

We have a situation in which client is trader. The sales price and cost price os item is monitored by vendor, keeping the margin % intact.

Now, it happens that during End of season sales, the vendor of my client asks to reduce the sales price of item by say 50%, they say that the cost price will also be revised according to margin and the credit can be availed by client in future transactions.

Example: CP of item is $10, Margin is 100%, SP is $20. So they ask my client to reduce the price to $10 for all the items, the CP will be treated as $5. The difference will be setoff in future transactions between client and vendor.

Can anybody suggest me how to update the cost price os existing stock.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Friends,

Can anyone share any idea on this. I did certain workaround but couldn’t get any solution.

What i did was:

  1. Post a movement journal with negative Qty. Example, i had 5 Qty so i posted -5 and the net inventory was 0. I ran recal.

  2. Post the item with positive 5 Qty and with new unit price. This way item was updated with 5 Qty and new cost price.

But the problem is, if i ran recal here then system updated prior transaction also since i am following wtd avg costing. In case of FIFO, it works well.

Can anybody suggest me how to update cost price.