inventory cost in jobs

hi all,

how does the system treat the negative adjmt. in the item entries in the jobs when I do the inventory?

Thank you.

In witch version?

in 5.0 NAV.

It will create a negative entry of 1 instead of -1. So it will increase you inventory. The biggest drawback of using negative consumptions it related to costing. So it will create a new entry with cost that you have inserted in job line.

hi Nuno,

I’ve seen that negative adjm. creates an dicrease in my inventory with -1. That fact means a problem because it creates a cost in the inventory cost account.That cost isn`t “married” with nothing.

I hope you understand me.


Yes it’s a problem. When you making a reverse isn’t applying to any costing entry. So you could have the problem of reversing with incorrect costing.

hi Nuno,

If when we buy an item, the systems doesn`t create an inventory cost in G/L posted, why when we use this item in a job the system creates a inventory cost in G/L posted with a negative adjm in the 5.0 version. However this inventory cost entry is not create in the 4.0 version.

Thank you.

Sorry, I didn’t understood your question. Can you rephrase it?