Inventory Consumption Analysis Report

I Want to create the new report in Ax, and the record will show the information about Inventory(Iterm, ProductName,…, On Hand), and i want to estimate the consumption in the period of time in this report also, what table should i used, and what point i should consider about this?

please help me and give me more. thank you before.

Hi Nut,

By consumption, do you mean consumed by a production order? Or just anything that can be responsible for removing an item from inventory.

And do you mean to produce a report for some period in the past? Where you say ‘estimate’ I wonder if you in fact want to predict some consumption in a future period.

no, It’s Physical Inventory by Dimension, my requirement as below:

  • View : user can decide how many dimension should be viewed in report.

  • Selected Date : user can choose this date

  • Moreover : The report has 4 columns : On hand , Average Consumption/Month , Average Consumption/3 Months and On-hand-Average Consumption in 3 Months.

I Have No Experience with Microsoft Dynamic, I’m a Student, It’s Beginning for me. [:)]