Inventory Closing

Hi Experts,
user runs recalculations every month for inventory correct valuation.
let’s say month of April user closing the year end for Dec during closing message popup appears and message displays “Later recalculations will be canceled. Do you still want to continue?”.
If user cancel recalculation then what would be the effect on inventory value?
secondly after closing the year shall user re run the recalculation till month of April?

Thanks in advance


If I get it right, there must be some active recalculations available for this period. For example if you run the recalculation every month and then in the month of April as u said if you try to run closing till Dec, system will ask if you want to cancel any later recalculation active if any, say from december to April. And if you click Yes, it will first cancel the recalculations and then will proceed to close the inventory making sure you get the correct value of your stock till the closing date.

You can also see the Voucher Number for the active recalculations in the infolog.