Inventory closing

Hi All

when i am closing the inventory of the year 2011, it is closing the inventory till date i.e 2 jan 2013. In the cost form i am giveing the date till 31 dec 2011. Can anyone tell me why it is happening like this.


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Hi Imran,

When was the inventory last closed? Also, are you updating the date in Close inventory upto field?

Inventory close works perfectly and closes inventory as per date given in Close inventory upto field.


thanks pranav for reply

Till 31 Dec 2010 it is closed. and “Close inventory upto feild” i am giving 31 dec 2011.

but dont know why it is taking till date, i have run the closing 3-4 time but the same impact come.

While closing i am getting the following:

In Closing and adjustment form, it shows two vouchers, in one row, date is “12/31/2011” type Closing and has log.

In Second voucher, it show “1/9/2013” under date type recalculation.

And show “infolog”


Item number: 100110402025

Transaction: Sales order YRSC-SO-11-19624, lot ID 00343806_068

Unit cost price 0.17 can be wrong as the transaction cannot be fully settled.

Transaction: Counting 003026_070, lot ID 00405239_068

Unit cost price 0.21 can be wrong as the transaction cannot be fully settled.


Can you tell me what are these and how can i run the closing successfully, as i am doing this first time.

Please advise me

I want send the print screen but i think there is some problem in uploading


I think this article may help you.…/gg213651.aspx