Inventory Closing

Does anyone know the impact of running inventory recalcuation but never running inventory closing. The company has not run closing since 2006 but has occasationally run the recalculation process. They are in the process of upgrading from Ax 3.0 to Ax 2009. Will the closing process go back to all transactions since 2006 and recalcuate the cost?

They use weighted average for their valuation method.


Joanne M.


Are they using negative financial inventory…



They were… or are… how does using negative financial inventory impact the inventory closing using weighted average valuation. I have seen some very “wacky” adjustments

Joanne Mahoney

Closing the inventory will inturn runs the inventory recalculation and change the transactions to settled transactions…

I have a question ---- what is the need for you to recalculate inventory???



I am a consultant for the client. The client decided to run recalcuate instead of closing since closing took to long to run. We are wondering if you see a difference between the two and what will happen when we change not to allow negative financial inventory and then run closing.


Yes it will change the whole costing of issues. and it will adjustment entry against more or less every transaction. so, obviously you get that it will have impact upon Financial ledger.

Hi All,

Please help me out.

Problem is:

When I run Inventory Closing I get error message.
My Costing method for item is “Weighted Avg. date”.

Following is the error:

Error message:
Close inventory
Item number: FCG42042 (Group Finish Good)
Transaction: Transaction 1I04000215, lot ID 1I02000545
Unit cost price 0 can be wrong as the transaction cannot be
fully settled

My question is:
Why is this error message? What does it mean?
What impact it will have on inventory closing?
Is there any way to fix this problem?


Hi Tom,

Post this issue as new one and dont include here!!

It will help you better.

Hi Shon Davis…

Tq for your idea.

I will create new subject