inventory closing performance

Hi everybody, has anyone experiences with inventory closing in Axapta and the “MIC” (multiuser inventory closing)? l8er Arne

Hi Yes, depending on your inventory model it is working much faster. If you are using any average method, performance is much better. If using FIFO/LIFO, the gain is not that big.

Hi Helmut, we are trying the MIC-Method, but seems not to fix our problems. The performance is not bad - it’s very bad and now we’ve realized, that there is another german company with the same problem. I will let the forum know, if and how the problem can be fixed, if we and MBS are able to do so. Best regards, Arne

Hi Arne! Any more information what the problem really is? What makes the performance bad ? Do you have numbers (records, time)?

Hi, at this time no more information about this problem and known bug at Microsoft can be published. I’m sorry for that, but have to wait what Microsoft answers. It’s not the only unsolved problem in Axapta we found. Please stand by - if MBS does not answer this month (we are waiting for a fix since 11/2003) you can read about this problem without a fixing and a much bigger bug in the german press.

Hi Doesn’t sound too good, let’s see what happens.