Inventory Closing Issue

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I have a question , we use Axapta 2009 from the beginning of the 2011 year , we relied on the recalculation for the inventory to match receipt with issue and the customer gross margins was correct , recentlly i read that it is recommneded to perform monthly closing for the inventory not yearly closing , my qustion is if we close the inventory at the end of the year , could this affect our customer gross margins??? and if it is ,what is the recommended soluction for this issue???

Thanks in advance

To stop the data in ax growing very large and to achieve accurate results till the decimals, it is been suggested to run the inventory closing on monthly basis…However, as you did the recalculation periodically(assumption)…You do not need to bother about the margin variations as there wont be discrepancy.

Inorder to ensure that all your account balances and margins matching, try closing the inventory on some specific date by taking the customer data’s backup to your test machine. Going forward you can follow the best practice suggested by Microsoft…