Inventory Closing Issue

Dear All:

We are now working on 2011 fiscal year , we still not closing 2010 , and we start inventory transactions but without closing 2010 inventory , we perform several recalculation processes during 2011 , so i think we cant close the 2010 inventory since recaluclation process exists , note that all the inventory transactions in 2010 is opening balances only.

I read in many sources that the recalculation process simulates the closing process, my question is the closing of 2010 important since i perform several recalculation processes and if it is required how can i close the 2010 inventory???


Any Help Please??

Closing will intern run the recalculation and when you close the inventory the system will also consider the recalculations and it will do the necessary adjustments.

I hope you won’t be having any problem in doing a closing for already recalculated inventory…

Thanks Krnathi for your great efforts.